Penguin 709

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A unique line of self-service machines as a result of CTcoin’s long tradition of product development combined with a successful collaboration with Bang & Olufsen designer David Lewis a new generation of self-service cash deposit machines is introduced.

Penguin+ models 709 and 726 have higher speed, lower noise level and more options. A reliable cash deposit machine CTcoin’s 4th generation alloy sensor technology ensures highest counting accuracy and rejects foreign coins, counterfeit coins, tokens etc.



Coin Handling Solutions

Coin trolley, coin cartridge, multi bagging, header and footer programme, card reader, key pad, bank note acceptor, SMS text messaging of status on the machine, optional colour.


  • Penguin 709 S+ coin counting and sorting machine for sorting into 9 coin bags or drawers
  • Penguin 709 R+ coin counting and sorting machine with emptying of coins from rear side of the machine
  • Penguin 709 V+ coin counting and sorting machine with an integrated safe
  • Penguin 709 T+ coin counting and sorting machine with integrated touch screen, direct transaction to account, customer identification through integrated pin pad, integrated PC with Windows XP.


  • Speed : Up to 1100 coins/minute
  • Reduced noise : More than 50% noise reduction
  • Non-sorting or sorting of up to 9 coin denominations
  • Counting of up to 20 different coin denominations
  • Rejection of foreign coins, counterfeit coins, tokens etc.
  • 2 different coin denominations can be shown in the 4 x 20 line display
  • Automatic coin feeding (conveyor belt)
  • Tilt sensor for easy cleaning of coin rail
  • Programmable bag stop (by number or weight)
  • Battery back-up
  • Interface RS 232 (PC connection)
  • CTcoin’s patented hopper cleaning system
  • Rail-stop function
  • Programmable fee system
  • Metal cabinet, stainless steel top
709 S+ 726 S+
Length 910 mm 910 mm
Depth 560 mm 560 mm
Height 1190 mm 1190 mm
Weight 118 kg 118 kg


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