Pelican 309 S+ Mixed Value Coin Sorter/ Counter

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Counts and sorts up to 9 different denominations.

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The Pelican/Zebra 300 series coin sorter, synonymous with accuracy, reliability, durability and gorgeous design. Both the Pelican and Zebra series have already set industry standards for quality, functionality and aesthetic design. The two different design influences of the Pelican and Zebra series each represent their own unique functionality. The Pelican is easy to attend, operate and service. The design is clean and adaptable to any environment. The inspection tray of the Zebra offers easy removal of dirty and unfit coins. The special design increases counting capability and streamlines overall quicker and problem-free operation, thus providing a beneficial and professional appliance that effortlessly handles, counts and sorts the necessary coinage loads. The Pelican and Zebra machines are the ideal coin counter and sorters for banking branches, large retailers, CIT applications as well as in all areas where large to medium quantities of coins must be counted and sorted quickly and accurately.

  • Easy to operate, service and maintain
  • Rejection of foreign and counterfeit coins
  • Tubing and bagging kit option
  • Automatic bag/draw stops
  • Accepts up to 20 different denominations;
  • Speed of 1,100 cpm (1 EUR cent)
  • Cashier and ID number
  • Acceptance of a single denomination and rejection of all others
  • Multitude of various counters and counting reports
  • Memory functions and error codes for easy problem solving
  • Multibagging i.e. collect the same coin denomination in up to 3 different bags
  • Active sorting of up to 2 denominations (TrackSensorTM)
  • Optional Communication Module (XML transaction, event and verification data via USB/LAN)
  • Cashier number, comprehensive fee system, dual language capabilities
  • Optionally internal/external high quality printer with auto cutter, logo, barcode and header/footer capability
  • Special colours and stand available

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