Magner 152 Note Counter

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Magner 152 enables contains the ability to have 10+ currencies at one time allowing the operator more reliable performance in one combination.

Uses a full magnetic range sensor, Dual RGB CIS sensors, FL UV type, IRR, IRT, all in an effort to provide you with the best possible detection and reliable performance.


The Magner 152 Note Counter is has a user friendly interface for optimally efficient operations and time savings menus.

External Display, Vault management system inferface s/w, 40 coloumn dot matrix printer (V-type models only).

Magner 152 Note Counter

  • Hopper capacity 500 pcs Stacker capacity, 200pcs Rejected pockets capacity, 30 – 100pcs (adjustable)
  • Display 128dot X 64dot LCD Display
  • Suitable note size, Length:100mm~175mm Width:50mm!90mm Suitable note thickness 0.05mm~0,12m
  • Speed 1000pcs/min(MIX, SDCMode) 1200pcs/min (CNT Mode)
  • Batch number 5~199pcs
  • Connectivity External printer/PC port: RS232
  • Available currency software US Dollar,Euro. GBP, Russian Ruble, + 50 more
  • Operation modes Single denomination sorting/Mix counting/Piece counting
  • Counterfeit detection: Ultraviolet detection (UV). Magnetism detection (MG). Metal thread detection (MT)
  • Infrared image detction (IR). IRT. IRR. Dual RGB CI

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