CoinDepo 400 – Coin Deposit

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The CoinDepo – 400 series is a Scandinavian designed, automatic and user-friendly self-service coin deposit machine that makes it easy for your customers to exchange coins and generate value for both you and them.


  • Aesthetic, user-friendly and vandal-proof design
  • Rejection of foreign and counterfeit coins
  • Guaranteed spending of deposited amount within the store
  • Incorporation of coins into the business – thus saving costs on coinage
  • Low-cost – short payback period
  • Compact design, making it easy to place at the point of greatest customer flow
  • Sorting or non-sorting (non-sorting either in CIT container or up to 4 consecutive bags)
  • Manual coin feeding
  • Multibagging i.e. collect the same denomination in up to 3 different bags
  • 3 point safety lock. Door, which separates the coin module from the money compartment
  • Active sorting of up to 2 denominations
  • Barcode on customer and bag receipts
  • Optional Communication Module (XML transaction, event and verification data via USB/LAN)
  • Cashier number, comprehensive fee system, dual language capabilities
  • High quality printer with auto cutter



Coin Deposit machine

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